One Day to Go

We are expecting more than 200 young men tomorrow, at our 2nd annual abstinence conference, “Someday My Princess Will Come.” They will be challenged with God’s word and will make a commitment before the Lord to stay pure until marriage.

Please pray:

  • That each young man will be eager to hear His voice and be obedient.
  • God’s glory Shine in the life of the 200+ men.
  • The production team that will be working along with Rene & Miguel who will be overseeing the event.
  • For our speaker, that the Lord will use him to restore lives and have the liberty to speak what God has put in his heart.


The girls from our church are very excited for this year’s APV camp. One of them is 14-year-old Deborita. Many of you may remember her story.

In 2008, as our country was rampant with drug cartel violence there was a shootout in our neighborhood and two men from our congregation were killed outside our church. One of them was Debora’s father.

Deborita’s mother, as a single mom with a toddler, is not able to pay the $25, which is half a week of pay, that we ask the girls to contribute towards camp costs. Deborita is selling ice cream and fruit in an attempt to attend the camp.

We are approaching deadlines pay camp fees, please pray and consider contributing to this year’s camp and blessing and changing these girls’ lives. On behalf of Deborita and 299 more girls, thank you for allowing God to use you to fulfill this mission.


Prayer and Fasting

Our prayer group for the girls’ abstinence camp has begun, fasting one day a week to declare God’s favor and for many lives changed for His glory! Join us in prayer every Wednesdays from 5-6pm.

We come to you asking once again for your help with the funds for this annual undertaking. We are in need of $6,200 to carry out this life changing event. The camp is August 2-4 and we need to be fully funded before July 15.

As always, we appreciate your partnership with us in this endeavor. If your small group or church would like to help with the girls’ camp please get in touch with us.

Also, please join us in prayer for the boy’s abstinence event on June 9.

Thank you again for believing with us that the Lord will lift up a new generation of young men and women that will honor him with a pure heart, mind, soul and body!

Ana Cristina


Checking In

Debbie and I had a good time sharing the word of God with the youth at the camp in Fresno, CA. The camp was a Christian camp for non-Christian youth, and at the end of the first session 24 accepted Christ. I had the privileged to share about abstinence, which is what we teach at our annual APV Camp. It truly made a difference to know that you were praying. We came home and found everything in one place. 🙂

Ana Cristina

Upcoming Trip

Debbie and I will be going to Fresno to speak at a youth camp this weekend.
We ask for your prayers:

  • That the youth have an open heart to receive the word
  • That our travel will be pleasant, since we will be on an 8 hr train ride
  • For our husbands staying at home to take care of the girls
  • For us, this will be the first time preaching in English, to be confident in the Lord

Thank you, and have a blessed Easter rejoicing in our King!
Ana Cristina Matus

Happy New Year to you!

We had a busy and fun Christmas celebrating and giving. Thank you for attending to the need to bless people in Tijuana this Christmas. With your help we were able to buy 125 gifts, 105 for kids at the AMA Teen Center and another 20 for a church in Tijuana that had no gifts to bless the children.

We also bought 50 blankets to distribute between AMA Teen Center and our local church, La Peña. The response from all of you came just in time and it was overwhelming. We were able to do even more than what we had dreamed!

Thank you for helping and blessing the children and families. It was such a joy to be able to give them your gifts and hug them with the love of Jesus. As the New Year has started, we are again seeking the Lord for guidance in planning events. Please help us pray to discern and to carry out the Lord’s will in this ministry.

Blessings to you,
Ana Cristina Matus