A couple weeks ago I was pretty frustrated about our third annual Princesitas event for young girls.
I was tired (being 30 weeks pregnant can do that to you) and discouraged at a lack of focus among the girls who were supposed to be helping. It seemed like it just wasn’t coming together and I was close to calling the whole thing off.

But then your prayers lifted us up over the weekend, and I was convicted yet again that it isn’t about me, or our leadership team, or what we think we can accomplish. It is all about Him. It’s about what He can do through us, and in spite of us.

This year was the best yet! The events of the day flowed nicely, everyone did their role well, and there was a positive energy among the leadership team, who all did their tasks with a smile.

We had 78 girls (ages 8-12) in attendance as well as 17 youth leaders from other churches and our team of 15.  Sixteen girls accepted Christ for the first time and we gifted two dozen Bibles!

Thank you for your prayers!
Cristina Matus

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