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Urgent prayer

As we slept last night, on vacation in New York, we were woken by a phone call. Two young men from our church were shot right in front of our home in Tijuana.

The boys had been playing music at another church and had come back to drop off the instruments when two cars drove up and began shooting at a man standing near the gate

to our property.

Pancho, 16, was shot in the leg. Esteban, 20, was shot three times. He was admitted to intensive care and is now stable.

Bullets actually entered our home and houses near ours. My sister Debbie was at home with her two girls (their house is on the same property as ours), who were understandably upset by the event.

Please pray for the boys’ quick recovery, protection around our home and families, and elimination of fear of the power of God.

Greater is He who is in us that he who is in the world!

Cristina Matus


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